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Welcome to DriveFi
Get rewards for your driving data. The better your driving, the more Cryptomiles tokens you can earn.
Drive and Earn
Simple as that. 

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is the utility token
from the Drive
On platform.
you generate data
Your driving turns into valuable driving data in the age of smart cars. Keep your mobility data safe with DriveOn and have the option to earn rewards in cryptomiles when sharing your data with the automotive market.
the market consumes
your data
Your data stored on blockchain becomes an asset that generates new business opportunities in the era of smart cars. 
Access to data by companies helps in the development of new products and services, creating better experiences for the driver and the whole
automobile chain.
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Data Consumer Ecosystem
With Cryptomiles, your
data has value
Check out in practice how you will participate in this revolution in the automotive market
Your mobility data has market value. Get rewarded for the data you generate.
Drive safely
Earn Cyptomiles
Whether through the Driveon application or through the device, we capture information from  driving behavior and vehicular health and we generate a performance score per trip performed
Your driving note is automatically converted into cryptomiles and
deposited in your digital wallet, in the DriveOn app itself
Use your wallet to store Cryptomiles and transfer them to Exchange Coins. Through Coins, you can exchange for cash, for other cryptos or even pay bills
purpose of saving lives
With Cryptomiles , we want to motivate drivers to improve driving with each trip and thus drastically reduce the number of accidents and deaths on the road as the biggest problem in traffic, according to the World Health Organization, is driving behavior. Brazil is the third country with the most traffic deaths worldwide, according to the 2018 Global Status Report on Road Safety. Losing lives is losing a society's greatest asset. That's why we created a project that aims to reduce this serious rate of accidents in traffic, making it safer and healthier.

Founders DriveOn

foto conseguro.jpg

Expedito Belmont
Founder & CEO

Blockchain Developer, Internet Of Things Specialist at the University of California, San  Diego , and an expert in Big Data, Expedito was a partner at Dimensional TI , developing projects for Coca-Cola , LG and Harman Kardon , he was also  CTO of the Manaus Free Trade Zone Superintendence - SUFRAMA , as well as IT manager of the Municipal Health Department of Amazonas - SEMSA , and led technology teams at NOKIA and Samsung .

Marcio Pessoa
Co-founder & CMO

Specialist in Blockchain Business, Marketing and Advertising Creation, Márcio  He was a marketing manager at UniNorte Laureate International Universities, worked at several agencies as a creative, was a partner in two advertising agencies and a mentor  business of SEBRAE/PR .  In addition to leading DriveOn and Btracer, he also works with communication at BRI Brasil (Blockchain Research Institute Brazil) 


Paula Oliveira

CFO & Governance

Technologist in Data Processing from the University of the State of Amazonas, researcher at the Institute of Innovation, Research and Scientific and Technological Development of Amazonas -  IPDEC, and at the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation. Experience in Corporate Governance and participated in the acceleration of the federal startup program InovAtiva Brasil.


Marcelo Almeida

Software Engineer

Blockchain developer. Software Engineer at Harman Kardon Brasil, Marcelo has more than 12 years of experience in technology projects, working as project leader at Transire, at Ramo Sistemas, at Instituto Tryad System, Sony, LG and Samsung SDI. Has expertise in Artificial Intelligence, working in DriveOn Machine Learning.


Rodrigo Bezerra
Blockchain Consult

Software Engineer from the Federal University of Amazonas, Software Developer with extensive experience,  Blockchain enthusiast and developer with solid knowledge in Solidity, Rodrigo is also  Computer Forensic Researcher and technical coordinator of SIDIA-Samsung Instituto de R&D da Amazônia. Worked with teams developing international projects at BENQ, Nokia, Samsung and Intera (western Digital). 


Alexandre Kurt
Senior Backend Dev

Versatile software developer, specialist in low-level development. Always looking for new challenges, working with different technologies.


Gutenberg Cross
Full Dev React

Working as a developer for 3 years, having worked with several technologies such as ReactJS, Angular, React Native. He developed projects through X-Apps, Natural Brands and Casa dos Sites. Acts as Full Front End Developer at DriveOn and Btracer.


Diego Henrique
Dev Full Stack & Mobile

Fullstack developer with knowledge in NodeJs, React Flutter and Amazon Web Services. Served as CTO at CalcuLaw. developed projects  of mobility such as APpMoove. Leads projects at Bintech. 


Luiz Augusto
Dev Full Stack

Bachelor in Computer Science with score performance in mobility. He works with systems development at Bintech and has worked at Serveloja.


Carlos Augusto
VP Electronics

Blockchain developer, Doctor in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais -UFMG, Master in Electrical Engineering from UNICAMP and graduated from the Federal University of Amazonas -UFAM,  in partnership with the University of Stuttgart, he is a lecturer and researcher on electronic circuits and a cryptocurrency enthusiast.

Tiago Moura
Hardware Innovation

Doctor in Microelectronics and Microsystems from Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais - UFMG , was an innovation specialist at SENAI - Instituto de Inovação em Microeletrônica , worked as a systems engineer, and currently works as a product specialist at BESI Semiconductors , in Singapore.

Carlos Junior

Hardware Engineer

Doctor in Computer Science from the Federal University of Amazonas - UFAM and Master in Electrical Engineering from the Federal University of Minas Gerais - UFMG . He works as an Innovation Analyst at the SENAI Institute for Innovation in Microelectronics . Has consensus expertise in multi-agent systems for robotic vehicle applications.


Mark Duck
Head of Design

Industrial Designer (Design) with a degree in Visual Programming, graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná, with 15 years  of experience in: Branding, Promotional Design, Packaging Design, Web Design and Mobile Design Interfaces. Director of Duck Design with stints at agencies such as Brainbrands, SAAC, Servopa and Stuff and design projects for DigiData, Buscatech and Pollysoft.


Harrison Costa
UX/UI Designer

For over 15 years in the Graphic Design field, currently focused on UX and UI Design.  Dedicated, organized and always seeking to complete beyond the proposed objectives to deliver the work with quality, but always fulfilling


Ígor Vinícius
Data Scientist Jr

His professional career began in the area of Public Health Information Technology where he had his first contact with large volumes of data and was surprised by the amount of information and insights that can be obtained through them.


Sergio Suzuki


SafeCar 's commercial manager and with almost 25 years of experience in the automotive segment, he worked for automotive accessories companies such as ALPINE do Brasil , ATW Motorsport , HURRICANE , GARMIN Brasil and  Ten11 Technology , being responsible for OEM accounts for companies like  Mercedes Benz, BMW, Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volvo, Land Rover, VW, FIAT, Renaut and Jaguar 

Abel Dias


Executive with more than 17 years of professional experience in Insurance, Reinsurance and Risk Management, Managing Partner at O2O Bots , he was Insurance and Risk Manager at LATAM Airlines , Reinsurance and Coinsurance Manager at Swiss Re and Mitsui Sumitomo , as well as Reinsurance Manager at MAPFRE . He also worked at Yasuda Seguros and Unibanco as an Actuary.

Roberto Lago


With an MBA in Business Management from Fundação Getúlio Vargas - FGV , an MBE in Actuarial and Financial Management from  FIPECAFI USP , and over 25 years of experience in Product Development and Risk Management, was Technical Director at the insurance company  MAPFRE Brasil and is currently a manager and actuarial consultant at  Lake Actuarial and Business Consulting .


Flávio Sakai

Mobility Advisor

An engineer with extensive experience in the automotive segment, he is Marketing and Sales Director at Harman do Brasil , with expertise in connected cars and infotainment with connected services. He was National Manager at Continental Automotive Systems

Marcos Buson

Telemetry Advisor 

Master in Eng. Industrial with a Doctorate started in the area of Sustainable Business Models for startups. Serial entrepreneur, he founded more than a dozen companies, including Lamparina, Lectron, Prax and Pinmypet, the latter accelerated by 500 Startups and currently Director of New Business at Darwin Startups. He has extensive experience in traceability, developing more than 100 products for large companies, including Parks, Ztec, Audaces and Autotrac.

Marcello Magalhães
Communication Advisor

Master in Design and Innovation from Illinois Institute of Technology and Master in Communication from USP , he was CSO at Leo Burnett , VP of Planning at Leo Burnet Tailor Made , Head of Planning at Ogilvy , as well as at FCB Brasil , He was also Planning Director at BBH Group . He had stints at Y&R Brands and Lowe Lintas .

Felipe Matos

Business Advisor

National and international reference in technological entrepreneurship and startups. The initiatives he founded and led have already supported more than 10,000 startups and attracted more than BRL 600 million in investments. He founded Startup Farm , was COO of Start-Up Brasil and co-founder of Instituto Inovação, Inventta and Inseed Investimentos . He is currently VP of Dinamo and Head of 10k Startups .

Marcos Mueller
Governance Advisor

CEO of Darwin Starter , he was once a business developer at CVentures and regional manager at Endeavor . He was also a Business Analyst at Fundação CERTI, having worked at Spaiens Parque S/A . Its trajectory has always had the objective of enhancing the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem  in Florianópolis, helping the development of several startups.

José Prado

Insurtech Advisor

CEO of Insurtech Brasil , founder of Conexão Fintech , director of ABFintech (Brazilian Association of Fintech) and content curator of Agenda Fintech , José Prado has been an activist in the Brazilian scenario with a clear objective of strengthening the Fintechs and Insurtechs ecosystem. It has promoted the main events of these two segments in the country.


Altigran Silva

Big Data Advisor

Doctor in Computer Science, he is a researcher and professor with expertise in Data Management, Data Mining and Information Retrieval, with an emphasis on the Web environment and Social Media. He is co-founder of Akwan Information Technologies, acquired by Google Inc. in 2005, and, a leading company in information technologies for electronic commerce in Brazil, acquired in 2015 by Linx Sistemas. In 2015, it won the “Google Research Awards in Latin America”.


Edileno Moura

Big Data Advisor

Doctor in Computer Science, he co-founded Akwan with Altigran, a company transformed into a Google research center in Brazil. He also founded Zunnit, which works in the development of recommender systems, and Neemu, the largest processor of e-commerce queries in Brazil. Member of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences (ABC) and worked with CNPq, Startup Brasil and the World Wide Web Conference. 


Lucas Cardinal
Blockchain Advisor

Entrepreneur for over 10 years, passionate about technology, design and architecture, evangelist of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology. Founder of Lunes Plataforma,  seeks to use block technology to solve people's problems.


jeferson  Gonçalves

Telecom Advisor

Innovation and New Business Development Executive at OI SA, being Leader of the IoT vertical and responsible for prospecting new businesses for energy efficiency, connected car and industry 4.0;


Luiz Fernando
Blockchain Business Advisor

 Specialist in Communication & Marketing and Blockchain Business.  He has 5 years of experience in blockchain, working at EzDefi and Nexty Platform where he was responsible for the development of the community of and new partnerships and  payment solutions, financial transactions and blockchain.


Gerson de Oliveira
International Relations & Advisor

International relationship with authorities in several countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Peru, England, Albania, Angola and others. Enthusiastic about technological innovations that change the reality of countries, generating social and economic impact.


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Participation in the eighth insurance and market understanding of the global trend of usage-based insurance and understanding of the role of blockchain in the insurance market. DriveOn Telemetry Platform Upgrade. Blockchain project kickoff  through the design of the token economic model - alpha v.0.1

Q2 - 2018

Entry to Oracle Scaleup Ecosystem,  presentation at Oracle Open World,  training with Oracle's global team on Autonomus Blockchain, mentoring session with Oracle executives.  Restructuring of the technology team, development of Data Exchange; 
transaction layer and smart contract; test with controlled amount of users.
  Finished smart contract tokens.

Q4 - 2018

Acceleration with the Mercedes-Benz team  for technology integration and development of a new business model. Utility token presentation at Insurtech Innovation 2018 and Blockchain Summit 2018

Q4 - 2019

DriveOn was chosen for Oracle's Blockchain project in partnership with Chainlink. DriveOn elected one of the 10 most innovative startups in Latin America  and TOP 5 in the Fintech category at the Innovation Awards Latam

Q1 and Q2 - 2021

Usability testing of the DriveOn app and evolution of the Machine Learning layer. Integration of the digital wallet in the app with conversion into cryptomiles. Partnership with Quantatec to use OBD II

Q2 & Q3 - 2017

Kickoff DriveOn  

We joined the acceleration of Darwin Startups and its corporate partners B3, CNseg par, Neoway and RTM.  We started the partnership with HARMAN KARDON Brazil.  Access to the largest auto insurers in the country to understand the UBI scenario

Q1- 2018

Admission to InovAtiva Brasil with access to the Federal program network, as well as learning about the pain of the insurance market with high-level mentorship  from InovAtiva.  Data Storage & Integration Proof; d evelopment through the Ethereum platform - alpha v.0.3.  Protocol development and encryption of the first data

Q3 - 2018

Admission to Liga Autotech, partnership with Mercedes Benz;  Innovation Latam Awards semifinalist; DriveOn listed as 39th most innovative startup  From Latin America; presentation of cryptomiles for the oil and gas vertical; presentation in the CQCS of the use of the token for the insurance intermediation chain.


Q1 to Q3 - 2019

Lecture at Stop On the Road. Participation in the AutoTech League Super DemoDay. Registration, selection and approval in the ABDI Startup Indústria edict and start of Codiscovery with the program's partner industry.


Bootcamp and selection to participate in the Samsung Creative Startups program. Development of the UX project for the DriveOn Go app together with Samsung experts. Partnership with Algar Telecom, launching the Next Move Car. TOP 10 in the 100 open Startups Brasil award in the AutoTech category. Lecture at São Paulo Tech Week 2020

Q1 - 2022

Network change: Cryptomiles leaves ETHEREUM and goes to Binance Smart Chain. Start of tests at Vila A Inteligente, the largest Sand Box environment in Brazil. Listing on Pancake Swap, ApeSwap and BakeySwap DEXs. Coins listing launch

Q3 and Q4 - 2021

SEED investment by Osten Group. Usability testing and conversion of mobility data into Teslas by Osten Group. Partnership with IoTex.  Partnership with Exchange Coins for listing of Cryptomiles with pair in Real


Listing on a CMC Top 10 exchange. DriveFi 2.0 implementation

Q2 & Q3 - 2022

Business model for application and delivery drivers involving Cryptomiles and NAVSeg Osten insurance sales. Business model with Mercedes-Benz Trucks for Behavior


Cryptomiles in the Media

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DriveOn Partners


B3 is one of the leading financial market infrastructure companies in the world.  B3 has Foresee, B3's program aimed at market innovation. She believes in great ideas that drive companies and entrepreneurs forward, moving the market towards the future and bringing the future closer to everyone. 


Darwin Startups is one of the main accelerators in Brazil. Formed by a team of high-level professionals, companies and mentors, Darwin Startups seeks companies in the initial stage and enhances their journey through agile methodologies, networking with large corporations, mentorships with great entrepreneurs and C-Levels professionals and a unique mindset. , which aligns the spirit of innovation with the entrepreneurial spirit.


In August 2001, Osten Group started its activities in the automotive market with the first BMW dealership in the East Zone of São Paulo. Having acted with a focus on excellence in customer service, Osten has achieved prominence in its operations and is currently among the largest premium dealership groups in Brazil.


CNseg (National Confederation of General Insurance, Private Pension and Life, Supplementary Health and Capitalization Insurance Companies) and the associated Federations (FenSeg, FenaPrevi, FenaSaúde and FenaCap) created the holding company CNsegPar with the objective of supporting companies that can bring original products in order to offer increasingly innovative and personalized products to the Insurance market.


current listings




R. Professor Mario Nappi, 170 - Florianópolis - SC

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